Urban Agriculture Partnership with Intangible Mindz Agricultural Development, LLC

The establishment of two large community gardens back in 2009 that hold over 80 raised beds was the beginning of growing healthy alternatives in the south village of Peoria.  Since then, we have seen the creation of The Well Farm, a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), urban agriculture apprenticeship program and now the evolution into the development of resident-driven/resident owned Intangible Mindz Agriculture Development, LLC.  The gitm Foundation's  dedicated Urban Agriculture Educator, Dwayne Harris, is now the owner/operator of the area's first urban agriculture business and we couldn't be happier!  The gitm Foundation will continue to provide technical assistance, resources, and grant oversight moving through 2019 for Intangible Mindz Agriculture Development, LLC.  

What's new in 2019 for Intangible Mindz Agriculture Development, LLC ?

-New Urban Agriculture Apprenticeship Program begins in February.

-All 3 growing sites will now become official urban farm sites.  This includes the South Garden and Learning Center, The Supermarket Park and The Well Farm at Voris Field.

-Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members will become a part of the Intangible Mindz Agriculture Development CSA.

Become a part of this exciting new venture 

Volunteer - Purchase a CSA share - Sign up your business as a CSA drop off site - Sponsor a Riverfront Market Booth for new urban agriculture apprentices