What are Peace Out Camps?


peace out camps for adults

Peace Out Camps for adults is an on line nature connection group.  Benefits of nature are free and so is our camp!  Each week we will review particular writings, poems, songs, art, research…to help us grow in our awareness, interest and compassion for nature and one another.

You can challenge yourself by participating in the week’s nature connecting activities.  Post to the group your experiences.  Ask questions… get connected to the earth and each other.

How to Join

Camps run year round.  Complete the sign up form below to be notified of Camp Session Dates.   Once your form is accepted, you will receive an on-line invitation to join the next google classroom “Peace Out Camp”.

Who can join

Anyone 18 years and older.  Must have access to google classroom on computer, phone or a hand-held device.  Be sure to set up a google account.

Be willing to share and connect to one another and nature.  That’s it.

What are your responsibilities

Be interested, curious and compassionate.  Be responsive to one another and show kindness to our planet and to our fellow campers.