Good Food Recovery

The goal of the Good Food Recovery is to improve the availability of healthy food alternatives to food banks, food pantries and kitchens through donated fresh vegetables, fruit and prepared meals.  Recovering unsold, surplus food is easy with Good Food Recovery’s Web application called ChowMatch, which will match food donations with hunger relief organizations and volunteer food runners for transportation.


donor organizations

Donor organizations must be a licensed food business by their County Health Department and include caterers, farmer markets, grocers, restaurants…  Good Food Recovery honors your existing relationships with food recipient organizations and you will continue to donate as before.  The advantage of joining Good Food Recovery is that all food donations will be recorded and you can request customized reports for promotion and tax reporting.  Your donation information will also be aggregated with all the other food donations to show the collective impact of the project; feeding more while wasting less.
Food Donation Tracking Form
Food Labels

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Farmers and Home growers

Farmers and home growers may also donate fresh produce.  Do you have a garden that grows too many tomatoes, zucchini, peppers?  Do your neighbors or co-workers avoid you when they see you coming with that bag of extras…again?  We challenge you to go ahead and let the extras grow.  In fact, GROW A ROW for our community.  Your donation is tax-deductible.  You will complete a short form the first time you donate.  Contact us for more information.


recipient organizations

Good Food Recovery recipient organizations adhere to Food Safety Guidelines that include safe food handling training, videos, and resources that have been approved by 3 area health departments.

Participation saves money on your food budget, allows you to maintain relationships with your current food donors, receive summary reports totaling amount of food your organization is given and we reduce the amount of food scraps making their way to the landfill.


Fresh food drives

Food Pantries do not receive consistent quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially during winter months. We invite you to host a Fresh Food Drive at your place of worship, business or organization you belong to.  The idea is simple – shop local and bring 10 pounds of fresh produce – think bananas, apples, oranges, potatoes, onions. Produce will be distributed to local food pantries via Good Food Recovery.  Contact us for more details.  Download the flyer to share information.


Become a food runner

We welcome individuals, families, and groups (company, civic or faith-based groups…) to volunteer as food runners.  Drivers must be 18 years or older, have a good driving record and auto insurance, a clean vehicle, and a few extra hours.  As a Food Runner, consider volunteering for an hour a week. You can choose to become a “regular runner” or an “on-call runner”.  To ensure that food runners handle food safely, volunteers are asked to review Good Food Recovery’s Food Safety Guide and then score 80% or better on a short multiple choice quiz. The quiz may be repeated as needed.  When completed, volunteers will receive food run requests.  When you sign up, you will be directed to complete the liability waiver. Read the Food Safety Guide, watch these videos: Food Runner Guidelines for Food Donation Pick up & Delivery, Handwashing Techniques for Food Safety, then sign up!  Don't forget to download ChowMatch, the Mobile App on iTunes or Google Play.