Community Collaboration Integration Model

How well can we work together to create a model that not only serves the community, but can do so with efficient use of resources in a partnership that requires trust, communications and shared vision?  The gitm Foundation has built a working model in which population health issues can be addressed through the continuation of critical bodies of work in the fields of IT system integrations and more recently through SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS) work in coordinating behavioral health, substance abuse services in primary care settings. 

This model is based in an ecosystem approach in which social issues as viewed as complex multi faceted parts of a larger ecological system.  The solutions therefore, will need to be as well.  Understanding how ecosystems work will help to identify essential components in keeping the system healthy as well as those elements that render the system ill.  It is with this understanding that no one organization, business or entity will accomplish much alone no matter how effective or efficient the inner workings of the organization are.  Running in isolation while attempting to work on complex social problems drains the overall system of vital resources necessary to address the root causes of any social problem.  

2019  Community Collaboration Integration Model Projects

The gitm Foundation is developing a community level model that improves both the emergency food system and addresses the root causes of hunger through efficient resource management and collaboration focusing on education, sustainable community-based programming and economic development. 

Current collaborative community includes:

The University of Illinois College of Medicine
The gitm Foundation
University of Illinois Extension office
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Hopedale Medical Complex
Tazewell County Health Department
Peoria County Health Department
Woodford County Health Department
Hult Center for Healthy Living
Peoria County Sustainability & Resource Conservation
Tazewell County Resource Center

For more information on the 2019 Collaborative Community, please contact

Amy Fox, Administrator 
Tazewell County Health Department
21306 Illinois Route 9
Tremont, IL 61568
309-925-5511 -