We apply principals of ecopsychcology, environmental stewardship and strategic planning to improve environmental and personal health

The gitm Team’s mission is in providing leadership in organizing community wide efforts that enhance individual and community health.  The gitm Team does so by basing action on results from multiple assessments of community health needs and includes working with CHNA (Community Health Needs Assessments), CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plans) and performance management plans then developing action steps and collaborations with community partners to move plans into viable community assets. The gitm Team educates and engages cross sector individuals, businesses and organizations in providing community benefits to meet the needs of critical issues, such as food access, environmental health, mental health and other social health determinants.  



Improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through intentionally driven, nature-rich activities. Gain the positive health benefits of connecting evidenced based therapies of cognitive-behavioral, strength based and ecotherapy practices in working with a veteran ecopsychotherapist. 

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Environmental stewardship refers to responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.  The gitm Foundation oversees and offers programming in several areas including Good Food Recovery and Urban Agriculture, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and community.

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Strategic Planning

The gitm Team works with health departments, municipalities, community partners and others to help develop coordinated planning, allocation of resources and actionable steps for implementation and research as they relate to food access, environmental health, mental health and other social health determinants.

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