We draw upon the principals of ecosystems and the ecological approach to create effective and efficient environmental and population health strategies

The gitm Team’s mission is in gaining insights from the lives of the people in our community and then providing leadership in organizing community wide efforts that enhance individual and community health.  The gitm Team does so by basing action on results from multiple assessments of community health needs and includes working with CHNA (Community Health Needs Assessments), CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plans) but most importantly, from the time spent with the very people most impacted by the challenges from environmental, political, economic and social issues.  The gitm Team educates and engages cross sector individuals, businesses and organizations in providing community benefits to meet the needs of critical issues, such as food access, environmental health, mental health and other social health determinants.  


Community Collaboration Integration Model

How well can we work together to create a model that not only serves the community, but can do so with efficient use of resources in a partnership that requires trust, communications and shared vision?  The gitm Foundation has built a working model in which population health issues can be addressed through the continuation of critical bodies of work in the fields of IT system integrations and more recently through…

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Urban Agriculture Partnership with Intangible Mindz Agricultural Development, LLC

The establishment of two large community gardens back in 2009 that hold over 80 raised beds was the beginning of growing healthy alternatives in the south village of Peoria.  Since then, we have seen the creation of The Well Farm, a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), urban agriculture apprenticeship program and now the evolution into the development of resident-driven/resident owned Intangible Mindz Agriculture Development, LLC. 

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Clinical Supervision Services for the LCSW

Clinical Supervision for tomorrow’s social work innovators. In order to be prepared, apply and complete your Illinois licensing exam for your LCSW, requires 3,000 hours of quality clinical supervision by an LCSW or Licensed Psychologist in Illinois.  After working hard to obtain your Master’s degree, you might find a wonderful employment experience, but no access to clinical supervision…I am here to help.

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